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Bank loans are loans granted by the bank to which it is requested and which are approved -and cataloged- as credits to ordinary consumption.

In contrast, the advantage of non-bank credit lies in its accessibility and minimal administration. The important thing is that the granting of each loan is fast and effective. To manage a fast non-bank loan, it is sufficient to have access to the internet and register. Everything else is managed by the private lender or credit institution, which is not a bank. The applicant does not have to deal with anything else.

Through both we can obtain what is called a “quick loan”. It is called fast loan to the amount of funds that the bank offers to the client as an advance or help for an important investment that the client is going to carry out in the short term. In exchange for borrowing money from the bank, the borrower must reward this financial aid through an interest payment directed to the bank itself, whose amount is constituted by the amount of the loan granted, plus interest established by the entity and an extra amount in concept of fees for the management and administration services of the loan. This is what is summarized by credit return.

Loan loan

Depending on the type of loan in question, the lender will adopt a more or less strict position regarding the knowledge of the purpose that the borrower plans to give his money. That is, there are cases, especially in quick loans -which usually involve lower amounts-, where the loan application conditions do not require the borrower to inform the bank about where he will invest his money or for what or why he needs it. On the other hand, in credits that involve higher amounts, the entity may demand the disclosure of said information through the legal and / or financial documents considered necessary.

Both banks and private lenders are often faced with fraudulent situations or fraud attempts by customers, who have previously breached the terms of another lender or who have registered in a file of defaulters, thus accumulating debts with third parties. The policy of trust and reliability of each bank towards its clients is diverse and subjective, however, the financial laws are clear and do not leave room for personal interpretations. The main source of financial law is the Spanish Constitution itself, whose articles 149.1, 11 and 13 give the State exclusive competence on the bases of the management of credit, banking and insurance, and on bases and coordination of the general planning of economic activity . These norms are developed in Law 44/2002 of measures to reform the financial system.

Credit loan

The result of a regulation tailored to the needs is a greater capacity of response of the banks with respect to clients with less expectations of success or fulfillment of the necessary financial conditions to obtain a credit. Despite having legal defense and reaction mechanisms, lenders tend to grant loans only to borrowers with solvency and clearly guaranteed liquidity.


  • Reliable, urgent loans with immediate and solvent response
  • Quick credits with low interest and the first is free
  • Urgent minicréditos without endorsement and 100% online
  • Mini flexible credits and early refunds without commission
  • Personal loans with personalized conditions


  • The borrower must be of legal age
  • The borrower must have his residence in Spain
  • Must have a bank account with regular income and solvency
  • It can not be registered in files of defaulters
  • You must have a valid ID, and a working phone number and email

CreditYour quick credit

Frequent questions

1. How can I enjoy the services of my bank in the case of not being able to move to the nearest branch? No doubt you can enjoy all the services provided by the bank without having to go to any branch and even without having to leave home. If you can not go to the bank, the bank will go to you. This happens thanks to the 100% online service offered to customers. Through its website, you can request a credit through the online application system from wherever you are, at any time and any day of the year. Unlike physical branches, virtual branches are always open to you.


2. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can request in an online loan?

Each bank establishes a lower limit and a higher limit of the loans to be granted. The exception will be found in non-linked loans, for which there are lower ceilings. As a general rule, the upper limit of the credit to be granted depends on the type, its purpose, the quality of the business plan and the probability of its success.


3. Can I get a credit from an entity in Spain if I am abroad?

The answer is that, if our tax residence is established in another country, a bank in Spain will not grant us a loan. Being a resident in Spain is one of the essential requirements to access this type of loan.


4. Will I be granted a credit if I do not have an indefinite contract?

At the time of granting a credit, the entities will be fixed in the economic situation of the applicant and its behavior with respect to the previous payments. Having an indefinite contract will always facilitate obtaining a loan, but it is not an indispensable requirement. If the rest of your conditions are good -for example, you have stable income and you do not have delays in payments or you are included in delinquency lists like ASNEF-, the type of contract does not have to be an inconvenience.


5. I want to ask for a loan and I do not have a guarantor. Will they give it to me?

As we have seen, many entities are going to ask us for a guarantor to grant us a loan, especially if we are talking about high amounts. However, if we do not have an endorsement, we can access the quick credits of less than 6,000 euros, which have some minor requirements for their concession and may give it to us without a guarantor. Of course, it is very likely that, in return, interests at the time of return are much greater.

How to Get Payday Loan in Austria

Getting Payday loan can be important. Sometimes it is financially tight or there is a greater desire that you can not afford directly from the resources available.

And you do not always want to negotiate long with banks and credit institutions, fill out many forms and collect many papers, but you just want to quickly get the money needed.

There are plenty of opportunities to do so, and here’s how to get started quickly and what you need to be aware of.

Payday loan lends to the fulfillment of smaller and larger wishes

Fast money lends to the fulfillment of smaller and larger wishes

In today’s consumerized time, there are many big and small wishes that you would like to meet, but not always that is financially directly feasible.

In other cases, you need urgent and quick money because the car or the washing machine broke down and replacement must be procured or an expensive repair must be paid.

In these cases, you can not or do not want to wait for a sometimes time-consuming decision-making process of the house bank, but you want to have the money quickly and uncomplicated as possible.

This type of fast payday loan is quite possible and of course, to get in a completely legal and secure way.

For example, this payday loan is offered

  • from online banks and direct banks
  • from crowdlending platforms
  • as a personal loan
  • as a corporate loan
  • from pawnbrokers
  • from various mail-order or department stores

Online banks and direct banks

Online banks and direct banks

With online banks and direct banks one can carry out all transactions directly on-line, without for example having to arrange an appointment with an agent in the local branch. This already means a great time savings and the loan approval is usually very fast at the online banks and direct banks.

So you can often already have a few days after the application to dispose of the money. Like other banks, however, the online banks and direct banks require certain securities and inform themselves in advance about the creditworthiness of the applicants.

For example, copies of the last payslips have to be attached to the application, but since this can also be done by computer rather than by post, a great deal of time is saved.

A loan at an online bank or direct bank is thus nothing more than a normal bank loan with the difference that it can be applied for conveniently from home without having to take account of appointments and opening hours, and that the commitment often very fast, sometimes on the same day, done and you can dispose of the money within a few days, assuming a sufficient credit rating.

Crowd lending

Crowd lending

Another way to make money quickly is to use peer to peer loans or crowdlending platforms.

On platforms like Loandicone, anyone can submit a credit application, stating how much money is needed and for what. Free uses may be indicated as well as fixed uses such as the purchase of a new car, the financing of a move or the financing of training or retraining.

Private investors wishing to lend small loans can then participate in any amount of this so-called P2P (Peer to Peer) loan, and when the desired sum is reached, they pay their investment and the money is paid out to the borrower through the platform , A sufficient credit rating, which is checked by the Crowdlending platforms, however, is also required for this credit method.

Other forms of loan

There are also other ways to borrow money quickly, such as

  • a loan from the provider Moneypressa, which, given its creditworthiness, quickly grants small loans up to € 1,500
  • a loan from a company such as Procredito or Winnycredito
  • a request for an advance from the employer. Some companies also offer loans for their employees
  • a request in the family

While many people are reluctant to ask for help in the event of a financial shortage in the family or in the company, these options make the most sense, especially in an emergency, when it is tight financially, because in an emergency one does not get into loan sharks exploit the financial distress and possibly lack of creditworthiness through high interest rates. It is true, the worse the credit rating, the higher the interest and the more expensive the loan.

For example, anyone who does not get paid at the bank often gets a loan from companies such as a professional loan or a Winnycredito loan, but at much less favorable terms.

Mortgage property

Anyone who has no way of lending money quickly can also turn existing property into money. This is possible, for example, in the pawnshop. Anyone who thinks that pawnshops are a thing of the past, and at the moment they only appear in novels that play in shady circles, is mistaken.

Pawnbrokers are still there and there you can borrow various items such as computers, consumer electronics, jewelry or even expensive clothes. The pawnbroker pays out an amount for the items and you have a certain period of time during which you can repay the borrowed money and get back your pledged valuables.

If you do not repay the money on time, the pledged property becomes the property of the pawnbroker, who then sells it.
In addition to a variety of valuables, cars can be loaned in this way and provide payday loan when needed.

Since the loaned items are lost if they are not triggered on time and the pawnbroker usually gets less than a regular sale, this method of earning money quickly is more suited to real financial shortages and distress than to Wishes that you would like to meet at short notice.

Buy now, pay later

When it comes to fulfilling material wishes, some stores offer deals like “buy now, pay later”.
This offer can be found especially at mail order companies and online providers, which attract customers to buy.

You must pay attention to this

As always, compare, compare, compare and even when it comes to payday loan, you should take the time to compare the offers to find the cheapest terms, whether the bank loan or another form of loan. And before you go into the hands of expensive loan sharks, you should better jump over your own shadow and ask for help from the family or the employer.