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The National Association of Financial Credit Establishments, formerly the National Association of Financing Entities (ASNEF), is a Spanish business association that brings together all types of entities (financial entities, telephone companies, supply companies, insurers, publishers, public administrations). …) that are considered financial credit institutions, these entities are credit institutions specialized in offering loans, and that in general can perform a wide range of financial operations of assets, but without being able to capture deposits from the public. They are usually specialized in the granting of consumer credits. They can also carry out other types of operations such as granting guarantees and guarantees, financial leasing, factoring and issuance and card management.

Loans with Asnef and Rai are loans that are granted even as part of the Rai or Asnef defaulter lists. Many times, for some reason we fall into these files, which translates into not even being able to dream of receiving credits with Asnef and Rai from banking or credit institutions. This is because those entities see this feature of the client as too risky a matter for their own profit and the recovery of the money they lend.

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Then we find that to obtain loans with Asnef quickly from these financial banking entities we will have to present a deed that indicates that we are the owners of a property because that will serve the company in case we can not return the money that will grant us. But, unlike traditional banks, this property does not necessarily have to be in the name of who is requesting the cash, it can also be a family member or a friend. The only condition of the loans with Asnef that will rule as exclusive is that it be a home that has no debts against it to be used as collateral by the company.

Alternative financial entities can freely and without restriction loans with Asnef and payroll without harming or generating another problem to the person who wants to be benefited. This is because companies like this commit themselves with potential clients not to carry out any type of research about the financial history of the same applicants or their family, nor will we ask them how they will use the money or how they arrived at the situation in the found.

On the other hand, when returning a loan with Asnef, the customer is presented with several payment options that can be chosen according to his projection: he will be able to pay dues for a maximum of fifteen years but not less than one, depending on his particular situation. This will be raised from the beginning and agreed with the company at the time of signing the contract and before carrying out the cash operation.


  • Online loans for defaulters registered in the ASNEF file
  • Flexible emergency loans with personalized conditions
  • Quick micro loans without endorsement and without payroll; the first one for free
  • Mini fast loans with low interest and no commission refund
  • Solvent, secure and immediate response personal loans


  • The applicant must be 18 years old, sometimes older than 25
  • The borrower must have his habitual residence in Spain
  • On occasion, being enrolled in ASNEF can hinder the process
  • Must have a bank account and credit regular income
  • DNI must be in force, as well as telephone and email

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Frequent questions

1.What is the Asnef? ASNEF means National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. In this association are registered those people with some unpaid debt in what is called ‘Asnef file’. It is currently the largest registry of defaulters in Spain. The Asnef is composed of several financial entities and companies of all types (telephone companies, insurers, etc.) that include their delinquent users in the registry. ASNEF was created in 1957 and since 1994 it is managed by the US company Equifax.


2. Can I apply for a loan while at Asnef? Some banks have an evaluation system by which they determine if a person has the sufficient solvency to return the amount that you want in the determined term. Several factors fall within this system called ‘scoring’. One of these is to check the delinquent listings such as the Asnef to know if the user has previous debts, but in addition to this they evaluate many other factors.


3. Will the credit application be rejected if I appear in the ASNEF file? In short, being in Asnef does not mean that your application is rejected immediately. If your name is in this list for some reason you do not get discouraged because there are other factors by which you can be granted the loan even being in the file. Therefore getting quick credits with Asnef is not impossible.


4. How can I know if I am in the Asnef? The entity associated with Asnef that has registered the delinquent user has the right to inform them that they have registered their personal data in the file within 30 days of their registration. However, many are those who today are not aware of the list of defaulters for one reason or another. Companies that can see the name of the users registered in the file must pay a fee to see them. To know if you are registered as a defaulter in the Asnef list, you can talk to the company with which you have the debt or contact Asnef directly through the website.


5. How can I unsubscribe from Asnef? There are several scenarios by which you can delete your data from the file: If you have paid your debt and you are still in the file. It’s been 6 years or more and your data is still in the file. The notification of the company has not arrived or you are in disagreement with the amount of the debt. To unsubscribe you can go directly to the Asnef website and send an email to the address they indicate explaining your case. They will answer you with the different options that you have to eliminate your data from this registry.