Fast Money will Repay Ten Customer loans for reviews!

One of the largest and most serious microfinance companies in Russia is celebrating its tenth anniversary! This means that “Fast Money” for ten years of fruitful work has been able to help more than 3 million customers cope with their monetary difficulties. The company successfully survived all economic crises, and continues to lead in excellent form in the ratings of the country’s financial industry. To its anniversary, “QuickMoney” holds a competition where he will write down debts to ten participants for interesting and creative video reviews about the work of the company.

Fast Money will repay ten customer loans for reviews!


How to take part in the contest from “Fast Money”?

How to take part in the contest from "Fast Money"?

For a creative approach to business as usual – a good service tip – a financial partner can forgive you a debt. Few companies can boast of such generosity. The competition dedicated to the anniversary will be held from June 4 to July 23, 2018. It is in this term that the borrower should get a microloan from the company and take part in the action.

We remind you that the delay in payment will automatically exclude the participant from the competitive race. First of all, it is necessary to rely only on oneself, and not to wait for victory to get rid of the loan obligation.

We advise you not to delay, but to come up with an interesting story for a review. After all, all clients of the company who apply for a loan during the promotional period can take part in the competition. But it is also necessary to post a video review before July 23 inclusive.

More about the company

Getting an instant microloan is becoming easier every year: a passport and a mobile phone will be enough to arrange a loan commitment in the stationary office of the company and without any hassle to improve your financial situation. Fortunately, in our country there are about 500 stationary departments of the company. And experienced staff will help you quickly fill out a registration form and an application, answering all your questions. With the help of the official branch it is also possible to get a microloan in cash .

If the borrower does not have the opportunity to visit the office, or there are no branches in his city, we invite you to use the organization’s online service. By filling out an application and specifying a bank card number, the client can count on a money transfer within one hour after considering the application. Do not worry, the service works around the clock, and even on Saturday night, Fast Money will not leave their customers in the lurch.


How to save on microloans?

Taking part in promotions and sweepstakes from micro finance organizations , borrowers can save. The analytical portal Mrs. Grundy allows its readers to be one of the first to find out about new products and special offers of the non-banking industry. For example, beginners all year round have the opportunity to be credited for free. Thus, financial companies earn a positive reputation from new customers and hope for a speedy return for a new loan agreement .

In addition, before major holidays or other events, companies hold promotions and sweepstakes for all customers. By taking part, borrowers can save on interest and win valuable prizes. Most often, expensive smartphones and tablets are played, but there are also cars.

But the main condition for participation in promotions and sweepstakes is a timely paid credit commitment. We advise you to always seriously calculate the solvency and not get any microloans in case of an extreme need. Delay and non-payment can ruin your credit history and make it impossible to borrow in all financial companies, including banks.