Payday Loans without Schufa by Private Lenders

A private payday loan is usually always the case, as individuals can not easily get insight into the schufa of other individuals. As a result, private lenders have no way of verifying the creditworthiness of the borrower, unless the lender shows proof of his income and a copy of his own Schufa record.

Usually, however, personal payday loans take place in a friendly environment, where the loans are insured much less. The payday loan, which is often only in relatively small size, should help the borrower usually only through a financial bottleneck, so friends, family and other acquaintances then tend to tend to issue a small payday loan – regardless of the creditworthiness of the borrower. The payday loan itself does not necessarily have to be secured in a loan agreement, whereby the amount and, above all, the relationship between the two persons is decisive.

If the relationship of trust is very high, as for example in the case of a loan within the immediate family, no proof of creditworthiness is usually required, nor is a credit agreement so usually set up. Instead, the payday loans without private Schufa in their repayment terms are clearly defined in advance, which also subsequent changes are possible. So that the borrower can pay off the entire sum in advance or, in the event of a difficult financial situation, can only pay or suspend a rate at a reduced rate.


Personal payday loans complete without Schufa review

There are also portals available for personal payday loans that bring private lenders together with private borrowers. Here then there is no closer relationship to each other, which is why the credit is also issued on the basis of creditworthiness. These personal payday loans, unlike “friendly loans” usually have a high interest rate and are therefore only recommended for the borrower when there is no other way to borrow.

However, private payday loans via portals are just as conditional as loans via banks. Ideally, the borrower for loans without Schufa of private always decides for loans from the private sector, since the conditions can be adapted much more flexible and the interest rate is either 0 percent or only very, very low.

Logically, this type of loan is only possible if the borrower also has suitable people in his environment. After all, on the one hand, the private lender must be prepared to provide the money as well as, of course, first of all have to dispose of the money. Only if both of these conditions are fulfilled, can then be made with or without Schufa review, the loan.

Personal Loans For Retired People

Contrary to popular belief, the need to obtain access to credit is transversal to all phases of life. The retirement age is typically seen as a phase of life in which people already have their financial situation minimally stable, but this does not always correspond to the truth. For this reason, we are seeing an increasing demand for credit for pensioners.

This new reality can not be dissociated from the crisis that plagued Portugal in recent years and has altered the habits and paradigms we had as normal. Personal credit applications rose to unprecedented levels in the country, mainly as a result of the need to meet urgent expenses.

Nowadays, retired people already account for about 20% of the Portuguese population, which shows that this segment of the population has increasingly turned to personal credit.


Reasons for Retired People to Use Personal Loans

As we know, reform should be synonymous with stability. A time when people should be able to enjoy life, do what they like best and be close to the family.

It turns out that the crisis that left marked marks in a large part of the Portuguese population also hurt the retired people, taking this age group to a financial situation more unfavorable than they had ever anticipated.

Knowing that one out of every 10 Portuguese pensioners is currently over-indebted, we can and should question the reasons that lead the retirement age to subscribe credits.

The two main reasons that lead retired people to resort to personal credit are:

  • The need to help their children : the active population has lost much of its purchasing power and many people are at risk of default. Thus, many retirees decided to take credit to help their children, thus preventing them from coming into default.
  • Pension cuts : Many pensioners were also substantially affected by unexpected cuts in their pensions, thus failing to be able to fulfill the obligations they had in the meantime. This is another reason why retired people can resort to credit.


Is There A Personal Credit For Retired People?

This is a very pertinent question: is there a credit for retirees? A specific credit for people of a higher age?

The answer is no. In the financial fabric, we can not find any specific personal credit for pensioners, something that is even relatively common out there.

In view of the absence of specific credit products suited to their financial situation and needs, retired people are likely to have recourse to products of general scope. However retirees are likely to see their processes approved as they have a fixed income from the state.


Cares That Retirees Should Have Before Hiring A Loan

Like the rest of the population, pensioners are not immune to over-indebtedness and therefore should only advance to a claim after carefully studying their current financial situation and all data associated with the loan.

Hiring a personal loan is a decision that must be carefully weighed and evaluated.

Short-term Loan – An Easy Way to Get Fast Cash

Short-term loans are included in liabilities with a contract term not exceeding 12 months and concern rather small amounts, therefore the verification procedures of borrowers are much milder in such cases and thanks to this the client can receive the necessary money more easily and faster than even the best low-interest but long-term loan.

Timely loans – better offer

These types of banking products are usually treated as occasional or promotional for the bank’s regular customers. As a rule, cheap short-term credit is offered in cash for any consumer purpose and may be advertised by the bank as a holiday or holiday loan, or for another such occasion. With the help of this money, we can finance everything we want within the amount we receive. Nothing prevents you from using the loan to pay for a trip, organize holidays, or other family celebrations, or even purchase new clothes or household appliances / electronics. Of course, in addition to borrowing money, banks also give you the opportunity to purchase installments and also offer credit cards.


Loans for a small amount as a bait for a new customer

Loans for a small amount as a bait for a new customer

Cheap short-term loans banks often use as promotional material attracting new customers, or rewarding those who are their clients and use other financial products. Often, in order to get quick cash for any purpose, financial institutions from new customers expect to set up a bank account, and offer regular clients other offers at the same time. Of course, in return, the borrower will get a guarantee of simplified verification procedures and cash almost immediately after submitting the application. It is also worth mentioning that it is a low-interest loan and although the money awarded is not too high, interest is lower than in other products of this type available on the market.
Although short-term loans have their advantages, it must not be forgotten that these are debts which have to be repaid and which are charged to the home budget for some time. It is better not to recklessly decide on short-term loans, based on recalculated financial possibilities. Taking another even a small commitment may have consequences, especially if we already have several other debts.


Financial Product of Loan Companies – Fast Loan without BIK


There is a lot of talk about people who take out new loans just to pay back outstanding debts. We probably wonder how it is possible, if traditional banks do not accept insolvent customers’ requests?


Banks more cautious

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority, after the economic crisis that was several years ago, introduced additional collateral to banks. First of all, before traditional bank branches decide to grant a loan to a particular applicant, they must first check their creditworthiness and the repayment history of previous debts, if any. Therefore, all banks are obliged to cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau. This is where all the names of people who can become potential debtors or are already there are. If only such a name appears when determining the insolvent borrower, then of course, such a client will not receive a loan from the bank.

Loans without BIK in non-bank institutions

Loans without BIK in non-bank institutions

As many times as we would not have turned on the TV or browsed through various websites, we very often have the opportunity to come across the “Loans without BIK” commercial. In fact, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority has established that BIK is obligatorily required to use all banks. However, such a condition has not been imposed on other institutions, which also deal with the provision of financial products such as loans and cash loans.

Non-bank institutions do not have to and do not use BIK’s assistance although they have the option. If you do not know what’s going on, it’s about reducing expenses. Using the Credit Information Bureau database would entail additional costs.

If not BIK, then what?

It should be noted here that many non-bank institutions, apart from Wong, do not use the Credit Information Bureau in order not to incur higher costs of the financial services offered. However, they have their own ways to assess the solvency of the client fairly. Substitute sources of information are the Economic Information Office and the National Register of Debtors. However, they do not have such accurate information as in the Credit Information Bureau. Therefore, they bear a much greater risk by granting loans. Hence, however, a much larger commission and interest rate on debits take also. Because there are customers who take out another loan to pay off the previous one, or simply for consumption, without any intention of paying back their liabilities at all.


Non – bank Fast Loan Quick loan

Non-bank loans have long been an appropriate alternative to obtaining bank loans for both business and private customers. However, the following lines will deal with taking a quick non-bank loan and its importance to the business or to a private person, in a situation where the lack of financial resources can cause serious damage. What is a quick non-bank loan? Why is such a loan required? The following lines will deal with this issue in detail.


A quick nonbank loan and its meanings

A quick non-bank loan is a loan obtained from cash or bank account, relatively soon after submitting an application. The definition of a quick loan can vary depending on the type of problem it is designed to solve and its immediacy. Typically, a quick non-bank loan is a loan obtained within a few hours, and at most two days, from the time you submit your application. The potential borrower fills out an application form, while providing different documents to the body from which the loan is received. Such documents include its  in the personal or business account, account statements and other important information, if any, that the lenders may require. After receipt of the request, the lenders act quickly to clarify the borrower, both through the material provided and through other means, including clarification through designated sites that are responsible for providing details and opinions regarding problematic customers. Since the Internet is being explored, it can be completed very quickly.

Why a fast non-bank loan is required

Why a fast non-bank loan is required

Such a loan may be required for several reasons. The first is the payment to an important supplier of the business, which, if not carried out in a timely manner, the supplier may stop the supply of goods or services to the business, which will necessarily result in its own disabling. A quick non-bank loan is required, in this case, for saving the business – no less. Other similar cases are creditors’ requests to be taken out, which can complicate the debtor and impose high costs on him, to the extent that even a non-bank loan under loan terms is not very flattering, preferable to entanglement with factors beyond the unpleasantness, .

If you also require a quick non-bank loan, you are in the right place. You should contact us now and make an important step out of a problematic financial situation. We specialize in the field of loans for many years and our professionals are committed to finding financial solutions even in particularly problematic cases.

Fast Loans Without Warranties: How They Work and What to Do to Get them

If you need to get fast financing to deal with a sudden expense or simply to make purchases but you are not a salaried employee and you can not offer guarantees, you can still get a loan in a short time . Credit institutions in order to be able to provide loans to those who can not offer guarantees such as students, young people, unemployed, self-employed or self-employed have provided for specific forms of micro credit.

Fast loans without guarantees

Fast loans without guarantees

Many people think they can not get a loan if there are no specific guarantees, but even for those who are not in possession of a paycheck can get a loan within 24-48 hours. Unlike traditional loans, these loans provide small sums of money , generally a maximum amount of € 5,000 . Fast loans are also defined as personal, since it is not necessary to specify for which purchase the need to immediately obtain liquidity is required.

It should be noted that in order to obtain a fast loan without guarantees, it is necessary to demonstrate that we are not a bad payer and that we have not immediately protested . Fast loans are mainly dedicated to the unemployed, unemployed, housewives, students, self-employed and seasonal workers who can not access the classic forms of credit.

What to do to get a loan quickly

What to do to get a loan quickly

In order to request them, you must complete and sign a form where, in addition to personal data, you must enter the desired amount and assume a repayment plan . After sending the request for financing the bank or financial company verifies that the applicant has no protest in progress, there is no reporting as a bad payer and there is no risk of over-indebtedness.

If the bank gives a positive opinion, the loan is disbursed within 24-48 hours and at the same time a repayment plan is drawn up for the sum financed. In recent years the demand for fast online loans has increased, in fact this method makes it easier to obtain liquidity in a short time even without providing guarantees and in some cases it is possible to obtain fast loans within 24 hours for all the categories that they do not have a demonstrable income.

Alternative guarantees

Alternative guarantees

If you need a substantial sum of money but you can not prove you have a fixed income, the lenders expect that the applicant can provide alternative guarantees or take out a loan that has been changed . For example, if a housewife needs to renovate her home and needs at least € 30,000 to be able to obtain financing, a guarantor must be found with demonstrable income (spouse, parent, friend) who pledges to repay the money in the event of insolvency.

Alternatively, the guarantor may provide mortgage or foreclosure guarantees on the registered real estate or movable property. If you do not want to rely on a guarantor and you do not own a registered property or property to obtain a fast loan that exceeds the amount of € 5,000 you must sign a loan that has been changed: fixed rate loans and constant installments that require the signing of bills that become an enforceable title if the applicant does not return the money.


Fast Loans with ASNEF Online


Loans with ASNEF

The National Association of Financial Credit Establishments, formerly the National Association of Financing Entities (ASNEF), is a Spanish business association that brings together all types of entities (financial entities, telephone companies, supply companies, insurers, publishers, public administrations). …) that are considered financial credit institutions, these entities are credit institutions specialized in offering loans, and that in general can perform a wide range of financial operations of assets, but without being able to capture deposits from the public. They are usually specialized in the granting of consumer credits. They can also carry out other types of operations such as granting guarantees and guarantees, financial leasing, factoring and issuance and card management.

Loans with Asnef and Rai are loans that are granted even as part of the Rai or Asnef defaulter lists. Many times, for some reason we fall into these files, which translates into not even being able to dream of receiving credits with Asnef and Rai from banking or credit institutions. This is because those entities see this feature of the client as too risky a matter for their own profit and the recovery of the money they lend.

Loan loan

Then we find that to obtain loans with Asnef quickly from these financial banking entities we will have to present a deed that indicates that we are the owners of a property because that will serve the company in case we can not return the money that will grant us. But, unlike traditional banks, this property does not necessarily have to be in the name of who is requesting the cash, it can also be a family member or a friend. The only condition of the loans with Asnef that will rule as exclusive is that it be a home that has no debts against it to be used as collateral by the company.

Alternative financial entities can freely and without restriction loans with Asnef and payroll without harming or generating another problem to the person who wants to be benefited. This is because companies like this commit themselves with potential clients not to carry out any type of research about the financial history of the same applicants or their family, nor will we ask them how they will use the money or how they arrived at the situation in the found.

On the other hand, when returning a loan with Asnef, the customer is presented with several payment options that can be chosen according to his projection: he will be able to pay dues for a maximum of fifteen years but not less than one, depending on his particular situation. This will be raised from the beginning and agreed with the company at the time of signing the contract and before carrying out the cash operation.


  • Online loans for defaulters registered in the ASNEF file
  • Flexible emergency loans with personalized conditions
  • Quick micro loans without endorsement and without payroll; the first one for free
  • Mini fast loans with low interest and no commission refund
  • Solvent, secure and immediate response personal loans


  • The applicant must be 18 years old, sometimes older than 25
  • The borrower must have his habitual residence in Spain
  • On occasion, being enrolled in ASNEF can hinder the process
  • Must have a bank account and credit regular income
  • DNI must be in force, as well as telephone and email

Currency Now loans

Frequent questions

1.What is the Asnef? ASNEF means National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. In this association are registered those people with some unpaid debt in what is called ‘Asnef file’. It is currently the largest registry of defaulters in Spain. The Asnef is composed of several financial entities and companies of all types (telephone companies, insurers, etc.) that include their delinquent users in the registry. ASNEF was created in 1957 and since 1994 it is managed by the US company Equifax.


2. Can I apply for a loan while at Asnef? Some banks have an evaluation system by which they determine if a person has the sufficient solvency to return the amount that you want in the determined term. Several factors fall within this system called ‘scoring’. One of these is to check the delinquent listings such as the Asnef to know if the user has previous debts, but in addition to this they evaluate many other factors.


3. Will the credit application be rejected if I appear in the ASNEF file? In short, being in Asnef does not mean that your application is rejected immediately. If your name is in this list for some reason you do not get discouraged because there are other factors by which you can be granted the loan even being in the file. Therefore getting quick credits with Asnef is not impossible.


4. How can I know if I am in the Asnef? The entity associated with Asnef that has registered the delinquent user has the right to inform them that they have registered their personal data in the file within 30 days of their registration. However, many are those who today are not aware of the list of defaulters for one reason or another. Companies that can see the name of the users registered in the file must pay a fee to see them. To know if you are registered as a defaulter in the Asnef list, you can talk to the company with which you have the debt or contact Asnef directly through the website.


5. How can I unsubscribe from Asnef? There are several scenarios by which you can delete your data from the file: If you have paid your debt and you are still in the file. It’s been 6 years or more and your data is still in the file. The notification of the company has not arrived or you are in disagreement with the amount of the debt. To unsubscribe you can go directly to the Asnef website and send an email to the address they indicate explaining your case. They will answer you with the different options that you have to eliminate your data from this registry.

Facts and Myths About Fast Loans


Moments online - facts and myths about fast loans

When we need quick money, we consider all possibilities. If a loan from a friend or family is not an option, you may want to consider payday loans online. Many people are afraid of this product and many myths have arisen around the industry. How does it look like taking a checkbook in practice?

Moments online – more expensive than a landline lender?

Myth! A loan taken via the Internet does not have to be more expensive than the traditional one received at a bank or non-bank institution. What’s more, online payday loans are often even cheaper than those given at stationary outlets. Applications are processed via the Internet, and money is immediately deposited in our account. The lender does not have to incur high costs of renting service premises, thanks to which he can offer competitive prices of payday loans.

Shorter waiting time for a decision

Fact! Applying for a quick online loan, we complete the application that passes the initial (often semi-automated) verification. If it is rejected in the first stage, we will receive the information shortly after sending the notification. If it is processed further, we will have to wait a bit longer, but in most loan companies the application verification procedure does not take more than a few hours.

Online does not require verification at BIK

Online slut does not require verification at BIK

Myth! Not always. Each loan company itself defines the rules on which it grants payday loans online. Some companies analyze the creditworthiness of a potential client only on the basis of his declaration, but many companies use the verification in the Credit Information Bureau or the BIG (Economic Information Bureau). Having other obligations does not have to discredit us in our efforts to get a quick loan.

Online slots are not completely secure

Myth! We set up bank accounts, deposits and take loans via the internet. Taking online payday is as secure as using other online financial services. The key is choosing a trusted lender and carefully checking the total cost of the loan.

Loan online is zero paperwork

Loan online is zero paperwork

Theoretically, this is a myth, because we complete the entire application online, and we track the status of our loan in the client’s online panel. The loan company must, however, send us a paper form of the contract and ask us to send back the signed form.

Fast Loans for Proof via the Internet

We already know that it is impossible to take a bank loan as an ID card. But if we are not interested in too complicated formalities and we want to receive money quickly, it is worth going to loan companies. Indeed, in such places, there is no problem with obtaining a loan for evidence. Usually, you only need to have a device with an Internet connection.

Money over the Internet


If we are really interested in taking a loan for evidence and via the Internet, we should expect verification of our personal data. First of all, we should register on the website. Then go to a very simple form , which will take a moment to complete. A non-banking institution that will want to check our data will expect us to confirm it in the form of a transfer. Most often it is a symbolic amount ranging from 1 groszy to 1 zloty. At the same time, the borrower gives his account to which the loan is to be transferred.

In fifteen minutes?

We often hear about payday ads in 15 minutes. Indeed, under favorable conditions, we can expect that the money will be sent literally in a few minutes after sending the verification transfer. However, it is worth knowing that our delay affects the later date of receiving a payday.


For example, by sending an application on a Friday evening, we will probably only receive the money on Monday. It is also worth checking if we have a bank account that has been listed on the company’s list in express transfers. If we take care of all these factors for money, we will not have to wait too long.

Loans without checking your credit history

Another very big advantage of loans for proof and at the same time without any certificates is that most companies do not verify the customer’s credit history. Of course, the most popular institution to check the timely repayment of previous debts is the Credit Information Bureau. But, as a rule, it only ends with checking the data in BIG, KRD, or ERIF.

Even if the client’s story leaves much to be desired, the final decision depends on the loan company. There are even such moments that are especially directed to people who are in a difficult financial situation. The most advantageous offer are free loans that do not have any costs charged. They are directed to new customers.

Where for a quick loan online:

Loan company Borrowed amount Commission APRC Amount to be repaid

PLN 1,500



PLN 1,500


1000 PLN



1000 PLN


1000 PLN

PLN 10


PLN 1010


1000 PLN



1000 PLN


PLN 1600



PLN 1600


PLN 1,400



PLN 1,400


PLN 1,500



PLN 1,500


600 PLN



600 PLN


1000 PLN



1000 PLN


Worth knowing!

darmowe chwilowkiOften, when reviewing loan offers, we can come across many concepts that we do not fully understand. We know more or less what they can mean, but we are not really sure what they mean in practice.
These concepts include:

Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) – this is colloquially called the actual interest rate taking into account all costs along with the basic interest rate offered. These costs include, among others, commission, margin, insurance, but also costs related to the debt collection process and prior monitoring of the client.

Renewing the loan – As of now, most companies allow you to extend the repayment of loans. Most often, we can talk about a period of 15 to even 60 days. But you need to know exactly which non-bank institutions give you permission to transfer the debt repayment date, as well as what costs will be associated with such maneuver.

Interest – that is simply interest rate. For some time there has been a rule that they can not exceed 4 times the Lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland. What in 2015 gives a maximum value of 12 percent.

Prompts – these are notifications informing about the repayment date. At the same time, it must be remembered that latecomers borrowers will have to cover the costs of reminders. Their prices are determined so far individually by non-bank companies.

Debt collection process – This is a later result of non-repayment of the loan on time. Debt collection costs are determined by a non-banking company, and at the same time are added to the borrower’s total debt.

Loans for evidence are dedicated to every adult person. Although in fact some companies reserve a minimum customer age of 21 – 30 years. In order to receive a payday, all you have to do is fill out a simple form, to which we are obliged to attach a certificate or statement about your earnings. The conditions for receiving the money are set individually by the company. According to the regulations, customers do not have to show a minimum creditworthiness.


Fast Money will Repay Ten Customer loans for reviews!

One of the largest and most serious microfinance companies in Russia is celebrating its tenth anniversary! This means that “Fast Money” for ten years of fruitful work has been able to help more than 3 million customers cope with their monetary difficulties. The company successfully survived all economic crises, and continues to lead in excellent form in the ratings of the country’s financial industry. To its anniversary, “QuickMoney” holds a competition where he will write down debts to ten participants for interesting and creative video reviews about the work of the company.

Fast Money will repay ten customer loans for reviews!


How to take part in the contest from “Fast Money”?

How to take part in the contest from "Fast Money"?

For a creative approach to business as usual – a good service tip – a financial partner can forgive you a debt. Few companies can boast of such generosity. The competition dedicated to the anniversary will be held from June 4 to July 23, 2018. It is in this term that the borrower should get a microloan from the company and take part in the action.

We remind you that the delay in payment will automatically exclude the participant from the competitive race. First of all, it is necessary to rely only on oneself, and not to wait for victory to get rid of the loan obligation.

We advise you not to delay, but to come up with an interesting story for a review. After all, all clients of the company who apply for a loan during the promotional period can take part in the competition. But it is also necessary to post a video review before July 23 inclusive.

More about the company

Getting an instant microloan is becoming easier every year: a passport and a mobile phone will be enough to arrange a loan commitment in the stationary office of the company and without any hassle to improve your financial situation. Fortunately, in our country there are about 500 stationary departments of the company. And experienced staff will help you quickly fill out a registration form and an application, answering all your questions. With the help of the official branch it is also possible to get a microloan in cash .

If the borrower does not have the opportunity to visit the office, or there are no branches in his city, we invite you to use the organization’s online service. By filling out an application and specifying a bank card number, the client can count on a money transfer within one hour after considering the application. Do not worry, the service works around the clock, and even on Saturday night, Fast Money will not leave their customers in the lurch.


How to save on microloans?

Taking part in promotions and sweepstakes from micro finance organizations , borrowers can save. The analytical portal Mrs. Grundy allows its readers to be one of the first to find out about new products and special offers of the non-banking industry. For example, beginners all year round have the opportunity to be credited for free. Thus, financial companies earn a positive reputation from new customers and hope for a speedy return for a new loan agreement .

In addition, before major holidays or other events, companies hold promotions and sweepstakes for all customers. By taking part, borrowers can save on interest and win valuable prizes. Most often, expensive smartphones and tablets are played, but there are also cars.

But the main condition for participation in promotions and sweepstakes is a timely paid credit commitment. We advise you to always seriously calculate the solvency and not get any microloans in case of an extreme need. Delay and non-payment can ruin your credit history and make it impossible to borrow in all financial companies, including banks.